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The carillon in Bishop Cross Tower is one of very few in the Pacific Northwest and consists of 49 cast bells. They were cast and installed by John Taylor and Sons of Loughborough, Leicestershire, England.

The bells are sounded by mechanical operation from a clavier on which levers are arranged in sequence like a piano keyboard with a footboard like an organ. The carillonneur strikes the levers with the bottom of a cupped fist and feet. Above the levers, like the upright insides of a piano, stainless wires and turnbuckles are each linked to a single bell and pull the clapper against the bells.

There is no public access to the tower. The carillon is heard best from the lawns surrounding the Cathedral.

Concerts are played on the carillon each week before the Sunday 10:30am service. We also have a concert on the Fourth of July, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and at other times as announced.

In September 2020, the carillon was featured in the St. John's Music Series. You can enjoy the video,  with its behind-the-scenes exploration of the carillon, here.