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Make a Gift Now

Make A Financial Gift

Financial contributions from members and friends of the Cathedral support its ongoing ministries. Your contribution enables the Cathedral to minister to persons who come through our doors, pay clergy and staff, celebrate with worship and music, and engage the wider community through formation, education, and service. 

Those who contribute regularly to the Cathedral are encouraged to help the Cathedral leadership in fiscal planning by providing an estimate of giving (pledge) for the year ahead. Pledges can be made or amended at any time by contacting the Bookkeeper at the Cathedral Office, 509-838-4277 ext. 117. Many choose the convenient option of paying on-line or making regular payments by credit card.

We can also accept payments via the "Give" button above or text message. The company we're using is Tithe.ly, an app developed specifically for churches. Text the word GIVE to 425-441-3395. The first time you use it requires some set up. After your first transaction, we recommend you download the app and use it for future donations (this makes subsequent donations easier to allocate).

Please contact the Bookkeeper if you have questions about making a donation: 509-838-4277 ext. 117.

Thank you!

Special Gift Opportunities

Many choose to make special gifts to the Cathedral at particular times, on special occasions, on receipt of an unexpected windfall, or when financial opportunities present themselves. Others sponsor a special event or program. Many make memorial gifts to the fabric of the Cathedral such as stained glass windows, carvings or other adornments, or practical needs such as the remodeling of the parish house kitchen, and other furnishings and equipment.

Throughout the Cathedral's history, many friends and families have participated in establishing life gifts or planned gifts in order to expand upon or create special endowments for the Cathedral in perpetuity.

For more information contact the Dean at the Cathedral Office, 509-838-4277 ext. 114.