Scripture promises us that we are not left alone in our grief. We trust in the good news of Christ’s resurrection, the promise of eternal life, and the healing presence of God’s Spirit.

It is our privilege to walk with families as they bid farewell to a loved one. We offer this ministry to those who are members or friends of the church, as well as to those who are unconnected to the church.

A funeral (where the body of the deceased is present) is generally held a few days following death. A memorial service (where the body of the deceased is not present) may be held a few days following death or at a time convenient to the family.

The worship service is usually held at the Cathedral — in our main sanctuary or our chapel. Occasionally, families prefer to hold the service at a funeral home or other location. Generally, a funeral or memorial service takes precedence over any other activities at the church, but occasionally events cannot be rearranged and another date and time for the service must be found.

Generally, the priest meets with the family to plan the service. The church organist is usually available to provide music for the service. Some families also include other musicians. Services generally include a meditation by the priest, Scripture, prayers, and music. Family members or friends may also offer remembrances during the service.

Believing that food and fellowship are important elements of ministry with those who are grieving, one of our Guilds often provides a luncheon or reception following the service. They will order the food, prepare it, serve it and clean up.

There is no charge for the use of the church for a funeral or memorial service. We do ask an honorium for the musicians.

The Columbarium

St. John's Cathedral has a lovely Columbarium - a vault with niches for urns containing ashes of deceased persons. Each niche has space for the ashes of two persons. You may purchase a full niche for two persons or a half niche for one person. The Columbarium is located in a meditation garden on the north side of the Cathedral, overlooking the city below.

Persons who are members of the Cathedral or the Diocese of Spokane may purchase a niche in the Columbarium.

For more information, contact the office.