2018 colins wedding


Weddings at St. John's Cathedral

At the Cathedral, we're delighted to work with couples who seriously seek to make Christ and the Church a part of their marriage relationship. Unchurched couples contemplating marriage are strongly urged first to begin a serious relationship with the Cathedral and share in the life of the congregation. Couples who are members of congregations of other denominations are urged to be married within their own religious traditions.

We will engage in serious conversation about wedding arrangements with persons who:

  • Are currently active, worshiping members of the congregation. “Active” means that one and/or both of the persons in the relationship are baptized members of the Cathedral. That individual should be recognizable as a participant in Cathedral worship, fellowship or program and have made a financial contribution of record.
  • Are actively seeking to become members of the Church.
  • Whose families are active members of the congregation.
  • Are members of other Episcopal congregations. Requests for use of the Cathedral in such cases must be made by the pastor of the couple's home parish. Premarital preparation and officiating at the wedding should be by the pastor of the home parish.

Wedding Preparation

For the Christian community, marriage does not just involve you as a couple. The whole assembly joins the ordained person in witnessing your promises and expresses willingness to be supportive of your relationship. Further extending the involvement of others, the Church has established guidelines requiring that clergy and the couple involve themselves in a pre-marital conversation that both authenticates and supports the questions and promises of the service and builds confidence the couple has in each other. 

All inquiries regarding Cathedral weddings are made to the Dean. No wedding dates will be placed on the Cathedral calendar prior to the initial discussion with the Dean, and until the necessary paperwork is completed. (Marriages are not solemnized at the Cathedral during the season of Lent.)

It is helpful to begin the pre-marital conversations well in advance of the wedding. The wedding is the culmination of much preparation and makes an enduring transition in a variety of relationships. Thus it is the occasion for heightened feeling and sensitivity. The clergy and staff are aware of this and available in a variety of ways.

Wedding Receptions

The Great Hall and Guild Rooms of Jewett House are available for wedding receptions if the schedule and staffing permit.