Sunday worship is at 8:00 am, 10:30 am, and 5pm, with formation at 9:15 am and coffee hour following 10:30 am service. Nursery is care available. All are welcome.

The Cathedral is open and the Welcome Center doors will be unlocked Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10am-4pm and Tuesdays 1-4.
If you need access outside these times, please contact the Office at 509-838-4277 or by email at

Please note: Masks are requested, but not required in the building.


Pastoral Care

As Christians we are called to care for one another. Pastoral care at St. John's involves clergy, trained lay ministers, and lay volunteers who are there to help in times of grief, trouble, illness, or celebration.

We visit the sick or grieving at home, in the hospital, or long-term care facilities. We send birthday cards to members - young and old - and include a gift certificate for a beverage from St. John's Java. We deliver small plants to brighten the spirits of our older members at various times throughout the year.

Please let us know when you desire a visit or call from our Pastoral Care Team, 509-838-4277.

Clergy are available to call on parishioners in the hospital, and to provide the Sacrament and prayers for spiritual nourishment and physical healing. Our Pastoral Care Team strives to be with you in times of pain, stress, and fear. 

Additionally, we incorporate in our prayers - public and individual - persons with a variety of concerns, including prayers of thanksgiving for marriages, births, and other life celebrations. Names are printed in our service bulletins; the reason for being listed is kept confidential. 

If you'd like to be included in our prayers, contact us: 509-838-4277.