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The Cathedral is open and the Welcome Center doors will be unlocked Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10am-4pm and Tuesdays 1-4.
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Cathedral Direction and Oversight

The Chapter is the primary governing body of the Cathedral. The Chapter is similar to a board of directors or a parish council (Vestry in Episcopal Church terminology). But the Chapter is more than that. At its heart it is a group of 13 elected Cathedral members who commit to be good stewards of the Cathedral’s resources. That means that they embrace its mission, wisely manage its finances and property, operate as directors of its corporation and provide counsel to the Dean. They value the Cathedral’s history, live into the challenges of the present and plan for the future.

Cathedral members who are interested in serving on the Chapter should talk with the Dean.

Twelve chapter members are elected for three-year terms and one, a youth member, is elected for a one-year term. Those elections occur at the annual meeting in January. There are also three officers. The Senior Warden, a leadership role, is appointed by the Dean and may be one of the regular elected members. The Junior Warden is elected from among the members of Chapter. Ex-officio members include the Service League president, the Treasurer, and the Priest Associate.

The Chapter normally meets the third Tuesday of each month and meetings are open to visitors except when an executive session is necessary. The Bishop is the president of the Cathedral Corporation, but traditionally the Dean presides at Chapter meetings. 

Current Elected Leadership

The current members of the Chapter, and the year their term expires, are:

  • Linda Finney 2022
  • Jim Holmes 2022
  • Jennifer Ogden 2022
  • Seth Robertson 2022
  • Miranda Brown 2022 - Youth Member
  • Elliott Briggs 2023
  • Cindy Duncan 2023
  • Cheryl-Anne Millsap 2023
  • Meredith Shimizu 2023
  • Nina Beegle 2024
  • Charlie Byers 2024
  • Andriene Sterlington 2024
  • Tom Stice 2024

Lay leadership positions include:

  • Senior Warden - Linda Finney
  • Junior Warden - Seth Robertson
  • Chancellor - Mike Church
  • Treasurer - Karen Martin

Additional Committees

The Chapter coordinates with several committees:

  • Adult Faith Formation
  • Cathedral Life
  • Children, Youth & Families
  • Communications
  • Finance
  • Outreach
  • Property
  • Stewardship
  • St John's Foundation
  • St John's Properties

As with most organizations, the committees vary in their activity and regularity of meeting.
Assorted task forces, teams, and other groups form, as needed, to provide special events, new programs, etc.